Coaching for Creatives Who are Ready to Thrive

I've Been Where You Are.

You’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed and not totally sure what your next step should be. 

You have always been full of dreams, full of ideas and full of heart-driven and passionate Grit, but Lately it’s been different. …..Lately, you’ve been wondering if you have what it takes to start, grow or scale to the next level. 

You’ve struggled to remember why you found joy in your creative work because right now all you feel is dread and anxiety about ALL the work you have pilled up at home and in your business. 

You spend a lot of time doubting yourself, your decisions and are familiar with feeling like an impostor no matter what level of success you’ve reached. 


It's all possible with The Thriving Creative™ Method

“This Document is so good! This is the stuff I just could never figure out. This is going to be So FUN!”

Artistic equipment in studio: wooden easel,  paintbrushes, tubes of paint, palette and paintings on work artist table.

Hi, I'm Naphtali

It’s so GREAT so see you here!

I am a Business Coach an Mindset Ninja for Creatives and I am on a mission to help creatives Thrive. ….

Thrive in life, Thrive Financially and Thrive owning the fullness of who they  are and how they impact this GREAT BIG WORLD of ours. 

When not working with Amazing Creatives I  Host The Thriving Creative Podcast, Run My Therapy Practice, Play with my 3 kids and Cuddle with my Sexy Husband on the coach. 


The 3 Pillars of Being a Thriving Creative




"If you don't have ALL of the Pillars working together.... Well, my friend, Chaos will eventually ensue and you won't end up those big dreams like you've always imagined." - Naphtali Roberts on The Thriving Creative Podcast.

It's time to pick your own adventure !

Our Services  ALL Follow The Thriving Creative™ Method.

 Inside this method we guide creatives how to align their mission, mindset and movement so that they can consistently Thrive in their businesses and their lives. 

Thriving Creative Intensive

$797 USD

What You Can Expect

  • 90 min session focused on clarifying vision, discussing actionable goals( that fit in your life) for you to focus on over the next 60 days  
  • 60 day Implementation plan created by me for you and your new or established business.This plan is sent within one week of our call and  will outline what to focus on and what NOT to focus on as you implement The Thriving Creative Method in your life and business. 
  • 2 – 30 min follow up calls to be used a your discretion within the next 60 days .                   These calls are your lifelines when something isn’t working, you feel discouraged or you’ve reached all your goals and you are ready to keep moving forward.

1:1 Coaching

Packages Starting at

 $900 USD(vary based on length)

Payment Plans Available  

What You Can Expect

  • ALL of the 1:1 coaching packages start with the 90 minute goal setting session and a initial 60 day Implementation Plan. ( See Descriptions Under Creative Intensive) . 
  • Weekly Zoom Sessions with Naphtali Focused on Applying Thriving Creative Method and overcoming strategic and mindset barriers as they come up. 
  • . Weekly Accountability and Unlimited Voxer(voice messaging) Support between coaching Sessions. . 

 I KNOW… It’s like choosing between coffee and wine….. How Do you Choose ? 

As a rule of thumb we say …………..

The Thriving Creative Intensive is perfect is perfect for you if you need help getting  unstuck, finding clarity, focus, and direction in your business and creative work, This option is made for the creative who’s number one goal for working together is building a clear plan of action and moving forward in a way that truly works best for them. 

1:1 Coaching is the option we encourage for those of you who is making a big change in your creative work and life.. Whether it’s starting that business you’ve been dreaming of building, shifting what you’ve already built into something that works better for you, or figuring out what it is you really want to do next in your journey and then actually making it happen. This option is also best for creatives who know their tricky tricky mind is what keeps getting in the way of them thriving. Shifting thought patterns is not for the faint of heart and we find often works best when our clients shift their Thrive Blocking Thoughts in the more hands on option of 1;1 coaching. 

If you know you are ready to thrive , but aren’t sure which is the right Option … NO WORRIES. Go ahead and Apply and we will jump on a call. 

I'm Ready to Get This Thrive Party Started.. Are You?

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