If you are finding yourself much more anxious and reactive these days, you are not alone! Today I’m going to give you some super practical tools to combat that anxiety! Mindfulness is not just a good suggestion anymore-it’s a means of survival. If you haven’t found a practice that offers you more clarity and peace, one of these activities might just be the tool you need to navigate the uncertainty of this season. You are not alone and I want to empower you to continue showing up in your personal life and your business. If one of these activities resonates with you, come share your experience in the On Purpose Creatives Facebook group! 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Practicing mindfulness reduces the size of your amygdala, where the fight, flight, or freeze response flows.

  • Practicing mindfulness strengthens the part of the brain that allows you to concentrate and be flexible.

  • Mindfulness activities can include much more than traditional quiet meditation.

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