One of the key areas people come to business coaching for is trying to increase productivity, whether it be their own productivity or their business’ productivity or their staff’s productivity. This is a key area for when people get on a call with me.

Is there a difference between productivity and effectiveness in business

However, one of the key questions I then turn around and ask them is “Does your business need to be more productive or does it first need to be more effective? Are the actions that you, your team, your systems are taking effective? Are they having the desired outcome and are those systems or interactions effective in getting you toward your goals?”

Something you need to pause and prioritize is, do you want to be known as a productivity-based business or do you want to be known as a company (and business owner) that evaluates effectiveness of actions, of interactions, to reach certain goals? And then base the business, base performance reviews and everything on that?

There’s been a lot of research, which I’m sure you’ve likely come across, about the benefits to being an effectiveness-based business. When you utilize looking at effectiveness:

  • productivity increases
  • employees stay around longer
  • you, as a business owner, don’t burn out and still find delight in your business

There are so many benefits and yet we all struggle often not to define productivity. So what I want you to go and do today is to pause, listen and then respond.

Pause and consider, is your business and your walk within that business based on productivity or are you looking at the effectiveness of your daily movements? Then I want you to listen to what you need, what your team needs and what your clients need. Finally, respond effectively, as opposed to the idea of productivity-based movement.

Productivity is not bad but what ends up happening is that we get list after list but

  1. we can’t complete everything and
  2. we aren’t pausing and responding to the actions that are effective.


If that’s something you can do by yourself then by all means go and do it and then utilize it within your business. Please send me a message about how that goes and the transformations you see!

But if you’re reading all of this and it’s making you go “ugghhh, I’m going to get stuck” then let’s jump on a call and talk about how you can take your business to the next level by utilizing the power of the pause, listen and respond. And not just to transform your business just from productive but to effective so that you can be more productive.

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