“One big mistake that I see a ton is not linking your pins to your website or wherever you want them to go. A lot of people will pin and it will be a great pin, even visually capturing, but it doesn’t take me anywhere, so all of your effort is now wasted. ”

Jacquelene Hayes

I am so grateful to be able to welcome Pinterest strategist, Jacquelene Hayes on the show today to demystify the world of Pinterest and help us all understand how we can start using this platform today to generate more traffic to our websites, stores, and even Facebook groups which can translate into more revenue!


If you’ve been avoiding Pinterest up until now, Jacquelene lays out some simple first steps to take in order to utilize this fantastic free business tool. She also shares some super helpful examples of how creatives specifically can understand how you can create boards, pins, and keyword searches to help your ideal client find your content easier. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

Pinterest 101: 

  • Pinterest is much more like Google than it is a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram. 
  • Pinterest is a means of marketing FOR FREE! 
  • As long as you know how to search for your ideal client, Pinterest is relevant for any niche! 
  • You can drive traffic to anywhere you want including Facebook groups and Etsy shops or websites

How to Get Started with Pinterest: 

  • First, create a business account. 
  • Then, claim your website in settings, as well as other links like Youtube, Etsy shop, or Instagram. 
  • You can add more details to your name as a description. 
  • Next, make a list of 50 keywords to describe your business, (think in terms of what your ideal client may search). 
  • Keep it simple on keyword search, but you can get clever on pin and board descriptions.
  • Create boards where you can put your pins, and start with 10, but try to work up to 30. 
  • Board names need to be simple, so you can put your own content on every board.
  • Always link to your website when uploading a pin!
  • Create 2-3 pins for each blog post, product, or idea you are featuring.  

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