“I kept hiding from the feeling of not being good enough to be in front of the camera, and I didn’t like the body I was in.”

Naphtali Roberts

Making the shift from the therapy world to being an online coach forced me to need to get in front of the camera a lot more. This was definitely a challenge for me because I just was not comfortable in my own skin. Some of this lack of confidence stems from negative experiences I had growing up, and some is just part of being a normal curvy woman. But I decided to dive in and find a way to love the skin I am in. It’s been a process, but it’s been so freeing and I want to challenge you to feel that freedom too! 

In today’s show, I want you to get curious with yourself and ask yourself some questions. Being able to accept your body as is takes intentional practice and time. You must invest in yourself and get to know your body by taking up a daily practice that helps you come alive! Once this becomes more natural, I think you will find you will start seeing what you love about yourself in pictures, rather than what makes you want to hide. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

In learning to accept your body, consider: 

  • What are you letting yourself think about body today?
  • How are you priming your mind to become more confident? Through affirmations? 
  • Practice looking for at least one thing you love about your body and find a way to regularly appreciate that piece of you. 
  • Really get to know your body! Go for a walk, do pilates or even just mindful breathing! 
  • Then come, take a selfie or share a photo of you in the On Purpose Life and Biz group! 

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