“And that’s what I’m encouraging you to do. Sit with the rejection. Sit with the disappointment. Don’t run away from it, because you can’t learn from it when you run away.”

Naphtali Roberts

As an adult, we all know that disappointment is a fairly common human experience, but we rarely outgrow our desire to avoid that feeling at all costs. Today I share with you how I have transformed my response to disappointment over the years. I am able to honor my feelings at every part of the process, which empowers me to release the grief and embrace the opportunity for growth. I want to encourage you to stop running from disappointment and start recognizing the narrative that this experience can speak to us. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • The first key to working through disappointment is making space to sit in the emotions that come with the experience. Don’t run away from them! 
  • Having a ritual in place to respond to the disappointment can be powerful and healing. 
  • It’s important to both grieve the “no” and then move on to celebrate all the ways you will grow and learn from this experience. 
  • Be mindful of the narrative disappointment offers you and find a way to replace it with a positive message to yourself. 

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