“You don’t have to be organized like everyone else, but you do need the safety and security of a schedule.”

Naphtali Roberts

When you want to plan your time do you find yourself torn between a ‘go with the flow’ schedule and thinking you have to have your day planned out to the minute to get anything accomplished? As a creative, how can you block out your time to still be productive but not over-scheduled? 

Today on the podcast we talk about all about creative time management and I share two ways to take back your time in your life and your business.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • One way to use your time more purposefully is to use time blocking (with a twist for creatives).
  • You can pre-populate your calendar with things that you do every day like family time, getting ready time, pre-planned activities and breakfast
  • You can add blocks of intentional time that you also know can be moved if needed. For example, if you are in a creative zone with recording podcasts and the next block of time in your calendar is a block that is flexible, you can look at switching that block out with another so you can keep creating the project that you are working on.
  • Another way to take back your time is to write out every day the few things that are the priority to accomplish. You can use the time you previously blocked out as flexible work time and plug in the most urgent to-dos during this second planning phase.
  • Before you say yes, STOP. Ask yourself two questions: Why am I saying yes and does this serve me?
  • If you answer these two questions and you find yourself needing to say no, you can do so with confidence in your answer.

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