If you know your priorities you are going to get more time to do the things that are important to you because it takes power away from doing things that aren’t important to you.”

Naphtali Roberts

Are you setting goals, creating your to-do list and taking action in an aligned way with your top priorities? The truth is, most people believe the lie that their number one priority takes up the most time.

On this episode of The Everyday Mind Podcast, I talk about how to make sure you are moving towards what is most important to you. With 15 minutes and a quarterly review, you will be on the path towards the things that you really want.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • There are higher level priorities such as charity and community and there are also priorities that are more personal such as health or work/life balance
  • Knowing your personal priorities allow you to take aligned action with the things that are important to you
  • Identifying your priorities will help train your brain to find more time, money and space
  • Knowing our priorities will also help release us from feeling like an imposter
  • How taking 15 minutes to write out everything that is important to you can change your life
  • Why a quarterly practice of writing out and reviewing your priorities is important
  • How deciding things ahead of time allows us to take more strategic action
  • Once you have your priority list you are able to ask yourself ‘will this opportunity allow for more of what I want in my life or take away from what I ultimately want?’
  • The importance of also having an ‘I don’t prioritize this’ list
  • The question I ask myself every week to ensure I stay on track and in alignment with my priorities

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