“The growth happens when we practice the simple. ”

Naphtali Roberts

It can happen at any time of year and it can be really unexpected. All of a sudden you realize you are dreading the “work” you love-the creative process. Nothing you create is quite good enough and you’re just irritable. Does any of this sound familiar? I’m talking about creative burnout. Today I want to offer you some tools to help you gain awareness for what may have led you to this slump so that you don’t have to stay there long. 

In these moments, it seems natural to want to push ourselves harder. But I’d like to challenge that mentality that sometimes doing less, but with greater intention can be just what we need to regain that creative spark. Sometimes you just need a small win to gather the motivation and confidence that’s lacking. Burnout can also be a sign that you need to invite some fun and play back into your life. Burnout is to be expected for the creative, but you don’t have to go it alone and you don’t have to stay stuck. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Experiencing burnout is natural for the creative and is not a reflection of your value.
  • Journaling, meditating, or walking are helpful practices to use in a state of burnout.
  • Being mindful can help you recognize the signs of burnout before you crash. 
  • Seeing and celebrating small wins can be a great first step to regaining the creative spark. 
  • Implementing systems and workflows can free you up to focus on the creative process more often. 

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