“The mindset shift came because I just knew the result was more important than what people thought of me. If my goal is to grow my business, who cares what people think of me?”

Mariya Bentz

Today I’m so anxious for you to hear from the founder of MBM Agency, Mariya Bentz. She runs a digital marketing company that helps service-based businesses create an online presence. Mariya began her marketing journey working as a Marketing Manager for a corporate company. She started freelancing for clients as a side hustle and eventually scaled into a profitable business (all while raising a child at home). Mariya and her team are now on a mission to help fellow business owners grow a profitable business through online strategies. 

Today Mariya shares her story of how a combination of passion and simply showing up led her down the path of owning her own marketing agency. She offers some actionable tips for upping your marketing game authentically, even if social media is not something you are super confident using at the moment. 

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Being honest about what you know and what you don’t know can inspire trust in those you work with. 
  • Becoming intentional about social media marketing made the biggest shift in business for Maryia, and it will for you too. 
  • Mariya encourages business owners to post on their platforms a minimum of once a week and using a scheduler to load that content in advance. 
  • Mariya suggests sharing four types of content: 
  1. Behind the scenes of your business
  2. Sharing helpful tips relevant to your business
  3. Share testimonials
  4. Showcase your work

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