“When we’re having fun, it’s so much easier to see the mindset patterns that derail us.”

Naphtali Roberts 

Depending on your musical tastes, you might have been a little surprised to see Taylor Swift’s name in the episode title. But before you judge, I want you to consider all the powerful mindset encouragement you can find in Taylor’s documentary recently released on Netflix. I didn’t know much about Taylor Swift as an individual before watching, but I was really impacted by her story and vulnerability. The lessons she’s learned as a creative are ones that could also save any other fellow creative a lot of wasted time and heartache. So listen here and then go watch it! 

5 Mindset Lessons to Learn from Taylor Swift

  • Be aware and confident of where you find your motivation. 

Taylor’s career was initially fueled primarily by the approval of others. She soon realized that this led to a negative impact on the quality of what she created. Do you experience extreme disappointment when someone doesn’t like what you’ve created? Keep in mind, approval cannot be measured by your sales each month either! 

  • The more you know about your negative mindset habits, the more you can actively change them. 

Taylor Swift struggled a lot with comparison, which is common for any human but especially creatives. What are our natural pitfalls or signs that we are out of alignment? If we can spot them, we can take action on them before they destroy us. 

  • Know the difference between hard work and destructive work. 

There is a difference between working hard to fulfill your mission and reach your personal goals and hustling to do everything you feel like you should be doing. What does each of those types of work look like in your life? How can you tell the difference? 

  • The more you know what your opinions are, the more you can have an impact. 

When the rubber meets the road, knowing your convictions can help you make hard decisions with confidence. This frees you up from being a victim of fear-mongering that is common in creative communities. (You better take this work or you might not get paid at all this month!) Yuck! If it doesn’t align, just say no! 

  • When we prioritize fun and play, the quality of our work is better. 

We free up space in our minds to be our authentic selves. We also lessen the grip of our need for others’ approval. This is where the magic happens! Are you enjoying the process of creating? If not, how can you return to that? 

If you struggle in any of these mindset areas, maybe you would benefit from being part of a really intentional community to integrate healthy mindset and strategy! Reach out and let’s chat more! 

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