Do you want to live a more purposeful and intentional life?

I was living in a state of overwhelm for years. I assumed because I was a busy mom of three kids while running two businesses that overwhelm was just part of my normal and how things HAD to be.

Hint: I was wrong!

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Step 1: Understand Your Why

Your why is:

  • the reason you say yes or no to things
  • a higher level concept or idea that you pre-plan before you get into any decision-making situation

Ways to establish your why:

  • come up with an idea of who you want to be or what kind of life you want to have and create a schedule or pace that aligns with that
  • get clear on why you’ve created the life you have and boil that down into ever-changing statements for your current goals

Step 2: Choose Your Baby Step

  • don’t try to change your life or business all at once
  • what’s one thing you can do today to make your life and business more intentional and On Purpose?

Step 3: Get An On Purpose Support Team

Choose people who will:

  • encourage you when things get hard or when you allow yourself to be overwhelmed instead of making much needed changes
  • keep you on track, ask you if you’re making those changes and pay attention if you’re slipping back into old patterns


What steps are you taking today? Let me know in the comments!


3 Specific Ways to Start Living Purposefully Today