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3 Key Tools I Use to be On Purpose and Mindful in My Life and Business


1- A Blank Journal

Journaling is an extremely beneficial practice.

I don’t use it to structure my day like many others do but I do use it to drop ideas, thoughts, feelings and basically brain dump. This way I can return to these thoughts later to address them from a fresh perspective.

Use this tool to better get in touch with what’s going on in your heart and mind.


2 – A Calendar or Calendar System

It really doesn’t matter if your calendar is digital, paper, simple or complex as long as it works for you.

How do you know if your calendar works for you? Simple! You’re actually using it.

Are you buying a new calendar every year but almost never actually write in it? Then this method isn’t working for you. Explore other options until you find one that sticks.


3 – DIY Passion and Purpose Restoration Kit

I give full credit to Kelsey Murphy, host of the Whiskey+Work podcast, for coming up with this idea.

The entire purpose of this kit is to use when you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated and unsure of your “why”. The goal is to use this kit when you feel this way to help you gain clarity and get unstuck by providing motivation through things that inspire you.

For example, you could include music that inspires you, tea that calms and soothes you or affirmations that ground you. This isn’t a one-size-fits-all so think hard about the things that bring you the most joy and focus.

Being mindful and On Purpose isn’t about never having bad days. It’s about knowing how to notice those negative and heavy thoughts and learning how to respond differently than just shutting down and allowing yourself to lose motivation.

And remember…

  • Don’t try to do it all if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Just choose one thing and get started.
  • If you want to talk you are more than welcome to DM me or schedule a free 15-minute call so we can talk it out.

Don’t stay stuck! Let’s move forward.

Are you using any of these tools? Take a pic and tag me on Instagram @NaphtaliVRoberts.


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