Have you ever felt so busy that it seems impossible to experience or notice the moments of joy in your life?

Maybe you’re noticing that your kids are growing, your business is moving in the right direction and your life is moving forward but you just don’t feel the same excitement you used to.

Ask yourself these three questions at the end of each and every day to find more joy in the busy seasons of life.

3 Questions to Grow Your Mind and Notice Joy in the Busy Seasons

The questions you want to ask yourself every day are…

  1. What did I learn today?
  2. Who did I love and how did I love them?
  3. What made me laugh?

Asking yourself these questions is going to retrain your brain to not just look at the bad or negative of the day, but to notice all the good and positive.

Because this won’t be a habit right away it’s important to keep yourself accountable. My favorite ways of doing that are to…

  • Set an alarm so that you can treat this as a daily priority just as you would getting your kids to school on time or getting a project completed before your lunch break.
  • Find an accountability buddy you can check in with and who will make sure you’re asking yourself these questions.


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3 Questions to Grow Your Mind and Notice Joy in the Busy Seasons