“If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling stressed out…it’s about you”

Tara Counterman

On today’s episode, I am so excited to welcome the amazing Tara Counterman! Tara is an entrepreneur and stay at home mom. She started her first online business at 18 when she was working 3 retail jobs 90+ hours a week. As a college drop out after being unexpectedly thrown into the real world she quickly caught the entrepreneur bug and it never left. Spending the last 5 years starting her family, finding herself through motherhood & building a new dream Tara has learned a lot along the way.

Now she helps moms realize they matter for who they ARE not just who they parent.

Mindfulness Takeaways

  • Tara shares how she identified and broke through the beliefs of what she thought a “good mom” should be
  • How self-care, personal development and leaning into who she was a person is the best thing Tara is doing for her kids  
  • Tara talks about how this personal journey lead her to help other moms discover that they are important for who they are, not just who they parent
  • The importance of quiet in our lives
  • How critical it is to set aside time and make boundaries in our life and motherhood
  • How finding silence can be an active practice as long as it’s intentional
  • You make limited decisions or delay decisions instead of moving forward

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