Month: September 2019

How to Notice Places to Connect With Your Partner When You Are Busy

“Imagine how much more creativity you could experience when you feel satisfied with your entire life.” -Michelle Purta Surprise! I wanted to bring a special guest interview today for a bonus episode that is packed full of inspiration for building a life centered on perhaps the most important relationship in your life-your marriage. Michelle Purta […]

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Knowing When to Spend Money

“If you start doing an analysis of the work you could be outsourcing, you are going to realize that avoiding these things is costing you.” -Naphtali Roberts In working with influencers and entrepreneurs in the creative world, I have noticed that it is challenging to face the fears that bubble up concerning financial goals. There […]

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How to Have Enough Money

“Money tells us so much about our thoughts and our feelings and our beliefs. So I want to ask yourself with intention: Is my money going to the places that I want it to go?” Naphtali Roberts Being a creative and making money rarely seem to be two things that people naturally think go together. […]

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